Seller Learning Center

The Seller Learning Center

Step 1

What Is The Home Selling Timeline?

There’s a lot more to selling a property than just finding a buyer. This is that line of exactly what to expect. Read More

Step 2

The Importance Of Market Time, Strategy, & Positioning

There’s strategy involved with selling your home. This will walk you through the most effective way to sell fast and for top dollar. Read More

Step 3

The Home Seller Marketing Plan

Getting your house sold is all about having the right marketing. Here’s a step by step snap shot of how we do it. Coming Soon

Step 4

The Importance Of Pictures & Videos

Making your house look good is half the battle to selling it for top dollar and fast. Here's why. Read More

Step 5

Seller Closing Costs

It’s important that you know exactly what ALL your closings costs will be. Here’s a list of what to expected. Read More.

Step 6

How To Buy & Sell A House At The Same Time

Realtors do a lot more than just open and close doors. Actually, that’s the smallest part of my job. Here’s what you should expect from your agent. Read More

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